Karndean Flooring – Beautiful & Hardwearing Floors

Karndean flooring brings the ageless beauty of natural flooring to your home without the hassle. Flooring with all the wondrous individuality of wood grain, the luminosity of marble and the subtle textures of limestone and slate, but much easier to install and look after. With a Karndean floor from The Carpet Barn, you can create an even more individual look by laying the flooring at different angles or patterns or by choosing finishing touches such as borders or inserts to create a customized look.

Kardean Bristol

What is Kardean flooring & why buy it from The Carpet Barn?

Each Karndean floor plank and tile is carefully designed for authenticity. They don’t look uniform or manufactured, but convey all the great characteristics of natural materials. Colours are defined with variable shades and tones, just as they are in natural wood or stone.

Comfortable and practical, Karndean flooring is softer, warmer to the touch, and easy to clean without the porous qualities of wood and some stones.

This luxury and comfort is not at expense of strength, as Karndean flooring is hard wearing. They use the latest technology and the most durable materials to make Karndean Designflooring last. We offer a lifetime guarantee on Karndean floors providing you with a long lasting investment for your home.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a Karndean floor are the highly customizable product ranges. Customers have the ability to create and design a floor that is unique to their personal style and space by adding decorative strips, borders and medallions.

An additional benefit when purchasing a beautiful Karndean floor via The Carpet Barn is our free purchase guarantee. Offering peace of mind, the purchase guarantee will protect your investment in the unlikely event of a material manufacturing defect. What’s more, our purchase guarantee is transferable. Should you sell your home the guarantee can be transferred to the buyer – adding a little extra saleable benefit to your home.

The benefits of Karndean flooring

To choose Karndean, first of all you have to love the look of natural hard wood or stone floor – whether you love simplicity or more sophisticated effects. There are hundreds of different styles, colours, tones, textures and decorative finishes to choose from.

Karndean offers all the attractions of wood and stone without any of the drawbacks of these materials. Karndean still needs care and attention, however maintenance and cleaning is minimal – just a quick mop with Karndean Clean. Our floors are also warmer underfoot.

Karndean copes beautifully with the rigours of busy commercial and retail environments, so it can handle the toughest domestic situation too.

The Carpet Barn should also point out that Karndean Design flooring does take longer to fit than roll and sheet products such as carpet or linoleum. However, we believe the advantages outweigh this, and in comparison, it is quicker to lay than many other hard flooring products such as stone and timber.

Karndean flooring gallery

  • Beautiful and durable Karndean in playroom

    Beautiful and durable Karndean in playroom

  • Tough Karndean flooring in hallway

    Tough Karndean flooring in hallway

  • Hard wearing oak effect Kardean floor

    Hard wearing oak effect Kardean floor

  • cherry wood Karndean in dining area

    cherry wood Karndean in dining area

  • Karndean grano wood effect in bathroom

    Karndean grano wood effect in bathroom

  • Limestone Karndean flooring in kitchen

    Limestone Karndean flooring in kitchen

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